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Alcudia Bay
A privileged environment

Hereon, we give you a series of tips on what to see and what to do in Alcudia Bay during your stay in Hostal Blanca. Find everything you need to know to fully enjoy a holiday in the north of Majorca, one of the most touristic places on the island and, in turn, with the widest variety of leisure activities. Enjoy one of the most unique localities and villages in Majorca.

Nearby villages and beaches

We recommend visiting the following places

  • Can Picafort

    Can Picafort is a tourist complex in the North of Majorca, located right in the centre of Alcudia Bay. The beach of Can Picafort is one of the most famous beaches among tourists in this particular area of the island. Plus, it's only 50 metres away from the hotel. The beach, made up of white sands and crystal-blue waters, offers all the necessary facilities one expects from such a busy and popular beach.

  • Son Serra de Marina

    Son Serra de Marina is one of the most beautiful locations on the island of Majorca. It is situated in a privileged location, in a unique setting and emblematic town with a rich tradition and history. A coastal village in the north of Majorca, renowned for offering a vast range of water sports and highly popular among surf lovers.

  • Alcudia

    Alcudia is one of the most touristic places in Majorca. Most specifically, Alcudia is the tourist celebrity in the North of the island. This city is full of a wide variety of events and leisure activities, as well as numerous hotels and tourist activities. It is the ideal place to experience the authentic Majorcan essence and wholly enjoy a sun and beach holiday in Majorca.

  • Puerto de Alcudia

    The Port of Alcudia, or Port d'Alcudia in the Majorcan local language, is unquestionably one of the favourite destinations on the northern coast of Majorca among tourists. It has an extensive sandy beach of over 10 km long. Additionally, it is the second biggest commercial port in Majorca. A unique place to enjoy one of the best environments for tourists on the island.

  • Pollença

    "Pollensa, or Pollença for Majorcans, is a town in the North of Majorca. Specifically, it's a municipality formed by the city of Pollensa and the Port of Pollensa. It is, along with Alcudia, one of the places in Majorca with the deepest cultural tradition and history on the island. Its style is unique and its beauty extremely singular. Additionally, it also offers a fabulous environment for tourists, especially during the summer season."

  • Muro

    Muro is quite a peculiar village in the island of Majorca since it is located in the centre of the island (in the Pla de Mallorca), but also has a small tourist complex in Alcudia Bay called "Platja de Muro". It is a unique and charming town that perfectly exemplifies the typical Majorcan tradition and history.